New YouTube Video about Gay Culture in Prison

I am a straight male. I never gave a fuck about gay issues because I never knew any gay people. What I mean by this is that gay rights were never really an interest for me. I supported gay marriage because why the fuck would you care? But I never actively felt for the plight of gay men until I became friends with one in prison….

Gay Mike was a very effeminate dude in prison for Crystal Meth. This dude made Perez Hilton look like Stone Cold Steve Austin. In prison most people will not associate with gay people or else they will be viewed as gay. I don’t subscribe to prison culture though so I didn’t care. Gay Mike was one of the few educated and “normal” people I met in there so we hit it off.

Gay Mike got took a lot of shit, but barely to his face. If people gave him too many problems he would pay to have them stabbed. Once he met his boyfriend this wasn’t a problem as his boyfriend, Tweak, was a “shooter” (someone willing to stab people). It was funny, we would walk laps around the hard and people (usually gangster black guys) would mutter “fag” under their breath. Many of these same guys would pull their dick out at Gay Mike when no one was around though.

This was extremely common for him. Predators in prison tend to think that gay men are down for sex with anyone anytime. A lot of gay guys in prison told me they would never have sex in prison or date someone they met there. Gay Mike was this way before he met Tweak. They had a legit relationship and it was kind of cute. Unfortunately Tweak got taken to another prison but they still managed to stay in contact by rigging a phone system up with 3 way calling.

People talk about standing up for gay rights… ol Valuum got hit with a baseball bat over gay rights! We were playing unit league softball against the sex offender unit. The soft ball diamond is surrounded by a track. Gay Mike was walking the track and a fly ball hit him in the leg. “Hahaha, nail that faggot” said one of the sex offenders.

Gay Mike was my DOG, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let a fuckin’ Chomo (slang for child molester) say that shit to him. I’m not a tough guy at all but fuck sex offenders, they get what’s coming to them.

“At least he has consensual sex with people his own age, bitch” I yelled

If you call someone a “bitch” in prison, you’re fighting them. I knew this, I’m not a great fighter but I had a lot of size on the kid. We ran up to each other and I was lucky enough to connect on my first punch and dropped him. I went down and started to T off on him when suddenly my back was in pain and the wind was knocked out of me. One of his sex offenders homeboys had hit me with the baseball bat. The kid I punched was black and black people tend to stick together in prison so that’s why his friend did it. Before he could do anymore damage my friend choked him out from behind. As I lay there unable to breath I see Gay Mike sashaying across the yard…unaware of my predicament.

I lost a lot of friends hanging out with Gay Mike, but they were all white trash anyways.

Enough about Gay Mike though. I’ll talk about Gay Men Vs Predators Vs Trans Vs Sissies.

Gay men in prison are VERY rare. By gay men I mean masculine homosexual men that are like… I dunno? You’re average gay guy? This is viewed as being very weak.

Sissies are extremely effeminate gay men in prison. This is almost more acceptable. People are reluctant to mess with “sissies” because they usually have “admirers” so if you tease or try to extort a sissy often you will end up getting stabbed by a random black dude.

A predator is someone that preys on guys, usually younger white males. Predators come in all races but the vast majority of the time they are older black men who are doing life. Most inmates dislike predators but for some reason they aren’t really viewed as “gay”, not in the way regular gay men or sissies are.

Trans people are kind of rare in prison. They tend to keep them all bunched up because of the problems they cause.

Fun fact: I’ve never seen a gay person, sissy, or trans lose a fight. The worst ass beating I saw during my 2 years was “Savannah” the transwoman (they always have goofy names, Boyance, Poundcake, etc). Savannah was black, about 6’3″, had a weave made out of shoelaces, and had modified her MDOC pants to be skin tight (this was actually very impressive). A younger black gang banger called her a “faggot” ans Savannah just flipped. Ended up knocking the kids teeth out and didn’t stop until the COs got involved.

If you lose a fight against a sissy in prison… you might as well just go to protective custody because people never forget. When I first got to prison I say “Kalle” the gay white man beat the hell out of another black gang banger who constantly bragged about being a UFC fighter. He was about 150lbs and claimed his “fighting weight” was 260lbs. Anyways Kalle beat the dog shit out of the kid, the only injury Kalle had was on his fists. The gang banger sucker punched him too.

Fast forward almost 2 years later… The gang banger was discussing a recent fight and said “neither of them could fight”. Without missing a beat my bunkie chimed in “Shut up, you got beat up by da white sissy”. 2 years later and people still didn’t forget.

What are gay people in prison for? If they’re white it’s usually Meth. Credit card fraud and financial crimes are really common among gay people too for reasons I never understood.

What other topics should I cover? Do you guys have any questions I could answer? Any critique at all is appreciated.

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