“We’ll bomb the police state!
Assasinate the Magistrate!

We’ll go to every town
and burn then fuckin’ prisons down!”

Leftover Crack – Burn Them Prisons

The Vampires come wearing blue and grey to lock me in the cage. Some of them wear normal clothes too, though. I walk in circles all day because the Vampires programmed me that way from all the time in the cages. Last week, at the movie theater, I made sure no one sat behind me. I didn’t go to the movies for a long time after the Vampires kept me in the cage for two years. I don’t like people behind me in the dark. The bracelet on my ankle makes it so the Vampires always know where I am.

The Vampires suck me dry. They reach into my pockets at every turn. The Vampires said things about Aubrey and I hate them. I dream about killing the Vampires, and if I ever killed myself I’d try to take out as many Vampires as I could with me. Half for my own revenge, half so they don’t do it to anyone else. Even though I’m an adult now, even though I can bench almost 300 pounds, even though I’m still here after all they’ve done to me, they still scare me. The older I get, the more scared of them I become. I think of standing up to them, but it’s different when they’re right there with you.

It’s easy to talk about hating the Vampires— everyone does now. It’s trendy to hate the Vampires. Don’t talk big if you’ve never had the Vampires at your door and had to invite them in. It’s different when it’s you going into the cage. You will do whatever the Vampires tell you and be grateful. You think you are a man, but the Vampires will take that from you. It’s the first thing they take.

It doesn’t matter who you are: the Vampires can get you. The Vampires even got my Dad. They are why I don’t have much of a family anymore. The Vampires took more joy out of home than the drugs ever did. Every time you get away, they find you again. Vampires rule the world like that. I ran into a guy from jail today, at Goodwill, and he told me how the Vampires got him again. I showed him my ankle monitor to let him know they got me again too.

I was with The Nurse, but they didn’t hear me talking about the Vampires. The Nurse knows about the Vampires, but not how bad they really are. The Nurse is the one good thing in my life, and the Vampires would take that if they could. The Vampires are very good at finding what makes you happy and taking it. The Vampires will do everything they can to make you alone. The worst part is when you have to pretend to be friends with a Vampire. I walk out feeling dirtier than the motel rooms.

Many of my heroes are people who stood up to the Vampires: Randy Weaver, Chris Dorner, The Dallas Sniper. It takes a lot of courage to stand up to the Vampires like that. They pretty much hang you for killing a Vampire.

I know the Vampires have me right where they want me. Resistance is futile, and I know it. The Vampires say if I behave they’ll let me go, but they’ve said that before. Even kids know not to trust Vampires. It’s different because Vampires are allowed to lie.

The Vampires would laugh at what I do, but a Vampire cannot create or provide anything. A Vampire can only leech. Sometimes I feel proud for still being here after all the Vampires have done to me, but they could get me anytime they wanted. Sometimes I think they’re just toying with me. The Vampires took so much from me and still demand more. God gave us freedom and that’s what the Vampires take first. That lets you know who the Vampires serve. The Vampires go against God.

The Vampires are allowed to lie, cheat, steal from you, and hurt you; rules for thee, but not for me. I have to do what they say. I can’t go back in the cage again. I try to end my war with the Vampires, but they won’t compromise (Vampires don’t negotiate). I had stopped hating the Vampires, even forgiving them, until they came into my house again. You don’t know the feeling of having Vampires tear your house apart until you’ve been there. They ripped things as apart and did damage; they always do. My Grandpa got angry and yelled at the Vampires. Two of them started positioning themselves to potentially tackle my Grandpa and I moved my legs to clear the way. I’m still ashamed of myself for that, but Vampires are scary and control your mind. I will do anything to make the Vampires happy so they’ll go away and leave me alone. The Vampires were always rude to my Grandma.

I hate the Vampires but remain subservient to them. I don’t remember ever being any other way.

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